Self Assessment and Business Aptitude

This course as an introduction to running a business. It introduces some common business terminology, presents tools needed to create a professional development plan and helps to identify the personal survival budget.

Legal Considerations

This course explains the different ways in which a business can be set up as a legal entity. It explains key considerations for choosing a legal framework and examines the commercial issues.

Introduction to Market Research

This course teaches the benefits of market research, methods of data collection and contains tools to design market research questionnaires and produce action plans.

Introduction to Marketing

This course explains the benefits of marketing and contains information to help determine the most appropriate methods of marketing from market research results. Activities include designing a marketing strategy and producing a 12 month marketing plan.

Introduction to Financial Management

This course contains practical advice regarding the importance of financial management, sources of funding, common terminology and step by step guides to preparing a cashflow and managing a budget.

Planning for Success

This course covers business plans and how they apply to the freelance linguist, including step by step activities to assembling a business plan.