How we design our courses

ISL have a flexible approach to course design meaning that although courses will follow a standard approach, it will flex in order to be able to offer the best solution to each course’s individual requirements.

The diagram below represents the typical journey one of our courses will take.

Course Request
The courses which ISL create come from a wide variety of sources.  A request for a course could come from a linguist or one of our partners or it could be that a need has been identified by someone at ISL.  We are always interested in an idea for a course and at this stage in the process, all ideas are welcomed.

Preliminary discussions
Once a course is requested the outline is discussed with the course requestor and one or more of our Learning and Development Specialists.  The broad aims of the course are identified and early ideas about how the course could take shape are explored.  The course is prioritised alongside ISL’s workload and preliminary timescales are agreed.

Go Ahead
The Go Ahead means that the course is agreed and the real creation can begin.

Course Creation
At this point, the course is drafted out and the content is researched and populated.  Here, ISL speak to Subject Matter Experts to make sure that the content delivers the aims of the course.

The content is reviewed by the course requestor and ISL’s Internal Review Panel which consists of Learning and Development Specialists, Subject Matter Experts and experienced linguists.  This ensures that the content covers all the right areas.

Course Formatting
Our Learning and Development Specialists enter the signed off content into the online software and bring it to life using activities and media content.

Course Review
The completed course is reviewed again by the course requestor and ISL’s Internal Review Panel to identify any technical issues, usability issues and make sure the look and feel of the course is correct.  Last minute additions to the content are identified and put forward.

Any amendments, adjustments and additions that the course needs are made at this point and the course is ready for final review.

Sign off
The final review takes place and once our Course Requestors, Learning and Development Specialists and the Internal Review Panel are satisfied the course is signed off and made available online.

We take evaluation very seriously because we believe that by evaluating our courses we can make them, and other courses, better.  Our evaluation methods vary but will commonly include feedback and tangible measurement of results.  After evaluation, the course may be updated based on our findings.