Vacancy – ISL Language Specialist

ISL Language Specialist

ISL are currently looking for Language specialists to help out with the accredited courses.

The details on the role are outlined below. if you are interested in the role please register your interest by completing the form at the bottom of the page

Role Description

Role Title:  Language Specialist

Job Role:  To  determine competency in language skills for the purposes of assessment of learners against the National Occupational Standards, and record this on relevant documentation in accordance with centre guidelines. .

Reporting to:  Accreditation Manager and allocated assessor


1. To plan, advise on the evidence and assess performance of allocated learners through observation of competence in the workplace in accordance with the Centre’s Assessor Handbook.  This will involve ensuring that:

  • The assessment plan, created by the assessor, is followed accurately.
  • The learner and assessor receives prompt, accurate and constructive feedback both verbally and in writingIf the learner has failed to demonstrate competence against the performance criteria all relevant records on the VLE is completed and the assessor and learner advised as soon as possible.
  • Attendance at a minimum of 2 standardisation meetings annually is a requirement.
  • A record of continuous professional development is maintained and submitted annually to the Accreditation Manager.
  • An up-to-date CV is maintained and submitted annually to Accreditation Manager.
  • Records of assessment are submitted in a timely manner upon request of Accreditation Manager, Centre Manager, Internal Quality Assurer and Assessor

2. To contribute to the Centre’s Quality Assurance processes:

3. To attend External Quality visits conducted by the Awarding Body as and when required.

4. To take responsibility for continuous professional development as assessor language specialist and within the field of occupational competence.

5. To adhere to and assist in the review of the Centre’s Health and Safety, Equal Opportunities, Quality Assurance and Staff Development policies.

A Language Specialist must:

  • Be occupationally competent as an interpreter in the specific language required. This means that each assessor must be capable of carrying out the functions covered by the units they are observing or reviewing, according to current sector practice.
  • Maintain occupational competence through clearly demonstrable ongoing Continuous Professional Development
  • Have knowledge of the appropriate setting; the regulation, legislation, codes of practice for the service and the requirements of national standards at the time of assessment
  • Take a role in the assessment of observed learner performance, under the guidance of the assessor.
  • Take responsibility for assessing the specific learning outcomes and assessment criteria  as agreed with the Accreditation Manager and assessor.
  • Be supported by the Accreditation Manager including allowance in their workload for this task and continued support enabling them to fulfil the role
  • Be supportive of equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory practice for all learners
  • Be willing to participate in further training and agreed meetings with Internal Quality Assurers/external verifiers, in order to keep up to date and maintain the required standards of assessment
  • Be committed to the ethos of work based learning.



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