Are NUS student cards worth buying?


ISL have recently registered as a centre with NUS allowing our Interpreting students to purchase an NUS extra cards giving them access to thousands of savings every day, but is it really worth it? An NUS extra card costs a total of £12 (£13 if you include delivery charges) and a lot of people are put off the idea of buying a student card, especially at this price, because they wonder “will I really save as much money as I am spending on this card? Is it really worth it?” Well the answer is yes! I was curious to see how much I would actually save, and being a part time student myself studying a Foundation Certificate in Marketing, I ordered an NUS extra card.

Not only was the registration process quick and simple but the delivery of the card was speedy, allowing me to begin saving within a week of ordering. I quickly began to realise that I could pretty much save anywhere I shopped. The first saving I made was at Co-Op! Round the corner from my house, conveniently, is a Co-Operative foods store and with an NUS card, you can save 10% on your basket; whether you’re just buying a meal deal for your lunch, as I was, or you have your weekly shopping to do. The meal deal I purchased was £3.20, (not too bad for a chicken and bacon sarnie, a snack and a drink) and although the price of my basket wasn’t high, I could still use my NUS card. I saved a total of 32p – not that impressive I know. However, with Co-Op being so local and convenient to me, it’s my go to; whether I need to satisfy my chocolate cravings or purchase plasters for my aching feet after a night out, so overall so far I’ve saved around £10 with my NUS card just shopping at Co-Op alone.

If you’re a pizza lover like me, you will appreciate this next saving. The second saving I made with my NUS student card was with Domino’s. Now as most of you will know, Domino’s pizza is way overpriced but is very delicious. When I found out I could save a whopping 25% at Domino’s I was straight on it as I’d never actually ordered one before, because of the price. It was my turn to pay for the takeaway (my boyfriend paid for the last one) and with an amazing 25% off my order, I was definitely winning. I saved a total of £10.17 using my NUS extra card. Already, I have saved more money than the NUS card is actually worth and any other savings after this is pure “profit”.

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I was delighted to find out that one of my favourite high street fashion shops, New Look, accepted NUS student cards and I could save 10% on my purchase. My third saving was on some work clothes. I was in dire need of some new work trousers and because I knew I could save 10% I treated myself to a nice work blouse also. My savings came to a total of £4.20.

Like many others, my absolute worst fear is the dentist. After my most recent visit to the dentist I was told the cliché “You don’t brush your teeth properly” so I decided to take action (mainly so I don’t have to go as often because I really do hate the dentist). Superdrug had a brilliant sale on ‘everything Oral B’. After filling my basket up with dental care products, I asked the cashier if they accepted student cards and her answer was ‘yes’! Not only was I saving money on the Oral B sale but even more so with my 10% off. I saved a total of £7.50 just by using my NUS card.

My most recent saving is my favourite one yet. My favourite place to shop is the popular online fashion retailer, ASOS, and with my holiday to Cape Verde being less than a month away (not to brag or anything) I thought it was time I started my holiday shopping. The total of my basket was £83 which included a mix of summer dresses, shorts and swimwear; I was over the moon to learn that they also accept student cards. I entered my student card number and the price of my basket dropped to £74.40. Another brilliant 10% discount with my NUS card saving me a total of £8.30.

Aerial view of Praia city in Santiago - Capital of Cape Verde Islands - Cabo Verde

As you can tell, I have most definitely got more than my money’s worth with my NUS student card and I will be doing a lot more saving in the very near future (this weekend to be precise; I am going to Giraffe Burgers and Cocktails for a catch up with my friends. They also offer 10% off your food bill!).

There are many more shops and places that accept NUS students cards and if you are a student, full or part time, you will notice a huge difference to the amount of money you spend on everyday essentials, supplies for college or University and simple things such as travel or a meal out with a friend.

Cost of card: £13

Savings so far (one month after receiving card): £40.17

This equals a profit of £27.17! Already!

So in answer to the original question, it is definitely worth getting a NUS card! Apply for an NUS student now for guaranteed savings.




Written by Tess Wilkinson

Learning and Development Administrator at ISL

All copyright belongs to the owner.

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