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You might have read in the news that the CCS framework has recently been awarded. This is big news for interpreters working in the Public Sector because it can have an impact on the type of work opportunities that you will receive and the diversity of the work that you can fulfil. Because of this news, ISL have produced a guide to the CCS framework that covers:

  • What the CCS framework is
  • How you can get work through the CCS framework
  • What the eligibility criteria is
  • How you can be considered for a wider range of opportunities


What is a Framework?

A framework is an agreement with contractors to establish the terms on major contracts that may be awarded. In other words, it is a general term for agreements that set out terms and conditions for making specific purchases.



What is CCS Framework?

CCS stands for Crown Commercial Service and their framework names the different contractors that EG: If a school needs paper, it lists the companies they can buy paper from. Not only is this extremely helpful for the public service employees, it saves some of the tax payer’s money. thebigword have been awarded the contract to provide interpreting services to all public services through the CCS framework. These public services include the NHS, Education, Immigration services, Social Service, welfare benefits, mental health  and the department of work and pensions. When one of these public services want to book a linguist in the future, as thebigword have won the contract, the service will call thebigword and they will source a linguist with the appropriate skills and experience. This means that if you want to be considered for this work, you ideally need to be registered with thebigword to be considered for selection.


thebigword Entry Requirements

To register with thebigword you require:

  • Experience: a minimum of 100 hours of public service interpreting experience
  • Qualification: Level 3 Certificate in Community Interpreting or higher

After you have registered with thebigword, you will automatically be eligible to work on the assignments that the CCS framework brings. However, if a client using the CCS framework asks for a specific linguist, (e.g. a school rings up and asks for an interpreter for a parent and teacher conference that has experience interpreting in the education services and holds an education specialism course/qualification) you will not be offered these types of assignments if you do not meet the specification. If broadening your horizons, becoming more desirable to clients and being eligible for more job opportunities is something you are interested in, then ISL can help.


How to Diversify Your Opportunities

As mentioned, when thebigword receives a request for a linguist, they will select someone with the appropriate qualifications, skills and experience in that public service. If you have limited experience in one or more of the public services, you can increase your opportunities and get a wider variety of work by learning more about additional public service specialisms. You can do this in many ways but one method is to take a training course that focuses on the particular specialism that you want to learn about.


What Next?

If you are interested in working on CCS opportunities and already meet the requirements, then you can contact thebigword to register with them here.

If you want to learn more about qualifications and specialisms through ISL you can do so here.


For any enquires, please contact us on

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