Spot the Santa Competition – Winner Announced!

ISL recently hosted a ‘Spot the Santa’ competition via our Facebook Page and the aim of the competition was to find Sneaky Santa who had hidden himself in the ISL headquarters. See below for a reminder of the competition:

“Can you find him?

While the ISL team were having their tea break, sneaky Santa snuck into the ISL office, put up some festive decorations and hid himself. He is now playing havoc with our learning systems and needs to be found quick, in time for December 24th! Can you spot him? It is quite difficult.

Comment on his location and you will be entered into a draw to win a place on either:

– An ISL classroom interpreter workshop OR
– An ISL online CPD course

The winner will be announced next Thursday 15th at 10:00.

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In case you didn’t spot Santa, he is hiding between Pam’s computer monitor and her phone – you can just see his head sticking up. Our competition winner is Petra Pesa and she got in touch with us yesterday to claim her prize:

“Good morning (or Good Day), dear ISL!

I am so happy to be your winner of the Santa Competition!!! 😉 Actually, I still can not believe it…. It definitely made my day this morning, and Christmas just began for me!! 🙂 

Please advise the next steps…I will be awaiting further instructions from you.

Thank you so much!

Have a wonderful day. And say Hi to my Santa if he’s still around….. 🙂


Best Regards,

Petra Pesa”

Well Petra, Santa certainly is still around – we found him thanks to you and all of our other entrants – but he is in a safe place where he can’t cause any trouble. He will soon be departing for the North Pole as apparently he has some deliveries to organise.

Petra is now deciding which prize she would like to claim and we look forward to enrolling her.

Thank you to everyone that took part. We would all like to take this opportunity to wish you a great festive season and we hope you have a prosperous new year.


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