ISL announces new offices in Miami, to further support and expand Linguist training

Global provider of linguist training, ISL (The International School of Linguists) is delighted to announce the opening of a brand new office located in Miami, Florida.

Miami is a global city in the US and has the second largest population in Florida with over 450,000 people. Miami, also nicknamed “Magic City”, is a hugely diverse city and therefore a perfect location to kick start the company’s multilingual training in America and expand ISL’s services further afield.

ISL was established in 2010 to provide specialised and customised training and testing for Linguists. With its head office in Leeds, ISL operates within three pillars – learn, test and prosper. ISL’s main focus is supporting Linguists, as well as Language Service Providers (LSP’s) and their clients.

It is important for Linguists working as Translators or Interpreters to have the right skills and knowledge in preparation for their bespoke and specialised assignments, and to be able to adapt to various scenarios and disciplines. As the Linguist community is a global network, ISL provides online courses that are available 24 hours a day to ensure linguists are trained to an impeccable standard.

General Manager of ISL, Robert Mynett said, “I am delighted that ISL has launched a new US base in Miami which will undoubtedly lead to exciting opportunities for ISL. It is our sole focus to constantly improve our services and specialist training of our Linguists to an exceptionally high standard. The opening of new offices in Miami will allow us to expand our provisions even further and ensure the quality of our services.”

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