The International School of Linguists (ISL) was founded to raise the standards of Linguists through training and testing. Linguists working as Interpreters or Translators have to adapt to a multitude of scenarios and disciplines to provide their services. In recognition of this, ISL provides specialist training and testing to help Linguists achieve high standards of work, prepare them for specialist assignments and support their continuous professional development.

Values and Focus
Learn, test and prosper are the three pillars that ISL operate within and although the focus is very much on the Linguist, ISL also works with Language Service Providers (LSPs) and their clients to identify knowledge gaps and create specialist training. This type of collaboration has provided significant improvements in Linguist output, contributing to overall quality improvements for the end user.

Blended Learning
The Linguist community is a global network, so ISL runs most of its courses in an online environment. This provides Linguists with access to learning 24 hours a day with the ability to take courses or tests at times that suit them. Offline courses and testing are provided by ISL and hosted at the training headquarters in London (UK) or at pop-up locations globally.