Association of Certified Interpreters (ACCI)

ISL is proud to be a partner of the Association of Certified Interpreters (ACCI)

ACCI is an association which intends to involve interpreters from diverse backgrounds and similar professional beliefs. It is a relatively new organization that is growing fast. ACCI's purpose is to restore respect for the interpreting profession and raise professional and ethical standards to achieve this.

ACCI encourages interpreters to communicate and learn together. This is facilitated by training provided in partnership with well-established organizations such as ISL and also through the provision of ACCI's own courses and qualifications.

ACCI work in the public interest, assuring that it's members are appropriately regulated and insured for the work they carry out and promote a principles-based approach to regulation. Above all, ACCI seek to bring long-term value to economies in which we develop and support professional interpreters. ACCI believe in a strong union of interpreters providing benefits to individual interpreters and improving the value for all stakeholders and the profession as a whole.

ACCI are focusing on the ongoing development of our students/ members and in the continued growth of the industry. ACCI are committed to building partnerships to achieve these goals. ACCI believe in a strong trade Union membership, which will ultimately improve the value of the profession as a whole.

ISL students and graduates enjoy a 50% reduction in first year membership charges, and the ACCI members are entitled to a 10% reduction in ISL CPD courses through their membership with ACCI. Members can apply for security clearance, they enjoy a discounted professional indemnity insurance package and benefit from a bookkeeping app to help them become successful in business.

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