Expert – Business Skills

The expert business skills courses are aimed at professional Interpreters who have worked in the industry for many years, established a solid reputation and are looking to move their career forward. The expert business skills courses can be completed individually as stand alone courses or at a discounted rate as a set of three.

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Course Name Course Description Length Price Format
Management and Leadership Skills This course explores your management and leadership skills and how you can develop these to further your career.


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10hrs £50.00 Online
Book-Keeping for Linguists This course looks at how to set up and manage your books to comply with legislation as well as being able to manage your business efficiently.


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10hrs £50.00 Online
Employing People and Managing Staff This course looks at how to start employing others in your business ‚Äď one of the key issues in expanding your business.


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10hrs  £50.00 Online
Business Skills for Expert Linguists Set All three of the courses above at a discounted rate. The complete introduction to running a business.


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60hrs £110.00 Online


Expert – Accredited Courses

These courses are aimed at practicing interpreters who have high level qualifications and want to contribute to the industry.

The courses are run by Leeds Metropolitan University and are distance learning so you will complete online courses, then  submit assignments to be marked by Leeds Met. tutors.

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Course Name Course Description Length Price Format
Advanced Professional Diploma in Public Service Interpreting 

Leeds Beckett University

On completion of this course, you will have a fully comprehensive understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a Public Service Interpreter and will be able to contribute to the professionalisation of the industry. You will also have produced research valuable to the interpreting community. 

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Average 6 months £1280 Distance learning

Expert – Core Knowledge

These courses cover essential knowledge which you need to be aware of when working as a professional linguist. These courses are the same as the ones which appear under the ‘Introductory’ ¬†and ‘Experienced’ levels, as they are applicable to all levels of linguist.

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Course Name

Course Description Length Price


Safeguarding Vulnerable People Explains the safeguarding issues which are likely to impact linguists and what actions to take when necessary.Learn more 3hrs £30.00 Online
Health and Safety for Interpreters Provides health and safety advice which promotes a safe working environment and means professional linguists do not risk their health.Learn more 3hrs £30.00 Online
Wellbeing Examines dangers to the wellbeing of linguists, how to recognise these dangers and where to seek help and support.Learn more 2hrs  £Free Online
Equality and Diversity A look at the meaning and importance of equality and diversity in the workplace, specifically in relation to linguist rights and responsibilities.Learn more  3hrs  £30.00 Online
Data Protection and Confidentiality Describes common data protection and confidentiality issues, legislation and good practice to help linguists remain compliant.Learn more  3hrs  £30.00 Online