An Introduction to Translation Memory

An introduction to Translation memory

CPD Hours: 1

Cost: £free

What is it? An overview of the main features found in translation memory packages and looks at the advantages and disadvantages of translation memory

Who is it for? All translators

What is the benefit? Gain an understanding of how translation memory works and how to use it effectively


Interpreting for Mental Health Encounters

Interpreting for mental health encounters resizedWhat is it? Developed in collaboration with South London and Maudsley, Barnet, Enfield and Harringate and Camden and Islington Mental Health Trusts. Introduces mental health, explains the different types and their treatments, covers situations which you may interpret in and explains your role and responsibilities.

Who is it for? SLAM Mental Health Trust want all interpreters who work with them to have gone through this training course.

What is the benefit? Priority access to Mental Health Interpreting assignments. Background knowledge and preparation for working in Mental Health.


Tools to Help Interpreters

Tools to help interpreters resized

CPD Hours: 1

Cost: £free

What is it? This course shares helpful tools used by interpreters all over the world to manage their day, work out travel arrangements and more

Who is it for? All Interpreters

What is the benefit? Learn about and utilise tools to help you with your day to day tasks


General Administration for Interpreters

General Administration for Interpreters resized

CPD Hours: 1

Cost: £Free

What is it? This course explains what is involved working as a freelancer and gives instructions on essentials such as registering as self-employed, paying tax and getting insured

Who is it for? All Interpreters

What is the benefit? Learn how to set yourself up as a self employed interpreter


Time Management

Keyboard with Time Management Button.

CPD Hours: 1

Cost: £free

What is it? This course explores some of the ways to manage your time and prioritise workload.

Who is it for? All linguists

What is the benefit? Organise your days better and be more productive


Difficult Situations and Difficult People

Challenging Situations management in interpreting Title

CPD Hours: 1

Cost: £free

What is it? How to respond to difficult people and situations during interpreting assignments. Processes you can utilised when dealing with these difficult situations.

Who is it for? All Interpreters

What is the benefit? Understand how to behave and respond to difficult situations at work.


Cultural Challenges in Interpreting

culture challenge in interpreting

CPD Hours:1

Cost: £free

What is it? This course confronts some of the more common challenges of working with different cultures, which differences you may have to overcome and preparing individuals to face these challenges.

Who is it for? All Interpreters

What is the benefit? Work better with people from different cultures


Confidentiality, Impartiality and Professionalism

Confidentality, Impartiality and Professionalism US


Who is it for?

The course ‘Confidentiality, Impartiality and Professionalism’, explains the role of confidentiality, impartiality and professionalism in the interpreters line of work. It provides guidelines to work within and the impacts of these on clients and customers.

What job is this course applicable to?

  • Freelance face to face Interpreter
  • Freelance Telephone (Over the Phone) Interpreter

In this role, you could earn between £30 and £60 per hour



When can I start?

You can start the course today.

What is the cost?

The course is priced at £30.

How long does it take?

The average length of time taken is 2 hours.

Are there any requirements?

You will require is an internet connection and basic computer skills.

What will I learn?

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify and describe what confidentiality means
  • Differentiate between confidentiality and impartiality
  • Apply confidentiality, impartiality and professionalism into the work environment


How will you assess me?

The Confidentiality, Impartiality and Professionalism course has a knowledge review at the end of the course to check what you have learned. You can revisit part, or all, of the course at any time once you have completed it.

What will I get?

Once you have completed the course you will be able to download a certificate of achievement.

How do I get started?

Click on the ‘register/login’ link to begin. If this is your first visit, you can register and set up a new, free, account. If you have studied with us before, you can log in using your existing credentials.