Honeywell Security Brand Awareness

Honeywell are a household name all over the world, but how much do you really know about who they are, what products they offer and who uses their products? The quality of a translation can be improved when the translator fully understands the company, the brand and their aims.

This course will teach you all about Honeywell Security , their background and their product portfolio.

Harley Davidson Parts and Accessories Translation Instructions

This course details the translator instructions for working on the Harley Davidson Parts and Accessories Project.

We are translating Harley-Davidson’s 2013 Parts & Accessories Catalogue into French, Italian, German and Spanish, and we will also create the printable artwork files.

Home Office Interpreter Preparation Course

This course is designed to prepare thebigword interpreters who are going to interpret for the Home Office. It includes information about three areas of the Home Office:

  • Asylum Screening Unit
  • Asylum Interview
  • Crime and Enforcement

Iraq Historical Allegations

This course is designed to be taken by interpreters who will be working in the Iraqi Historical Allegations trials. It will help to prepare you by giving you background information about what happened in Iraq during the Gulf Wars, discussing what is expected of you and some of the situations which you may have to face.

Harley Davidson Brand Awareness

Harley Davidson Motorcycles is one of the most famous and recognisable brand names in the world.

The Harley Davidson brand is something that the company are fiercely proud of and runs through the heart of the company and everyone who works for them.

As you are working with Harley Davidson, it is important that you understand the history of the brand and this course is a perfect starting point in you living and breathing the brand.

Honda IPAS Translation Pack

This course contains the translation instructions and supporting information which you will need to know to be able to work for the Honda IPAS Translation Project.

You need to complete this course before you start work on the project.

Do not attempt this course if you are not working on the Honda IPAS Translation Project.

The Simplicity of Telephone Interpreting

This course will introduce you to the world of Telephone Interpreting, what it is, how it works and why so many companies are choosing Telephone Interpreting to fulfill their interpreting needs. It will help you to realise the benefits your company will get from using this medium.