Interpreter Career Journey – Beginner

Your interpreter career journey starts here.

Whether you are taking first steps or seeking to sharpen your skills, ISL can support you at every stage. We provide training and qualifications for the entire interpreter journey; simply use our guide below, by clicking on each level, to find the right courses and starting point for you.

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For no/little interpreting experience. Low budget, fast completion.Interpreter Foundation Course: Interpreter Foundation Course – designed for beginners.

This course is designed for those who speak more than one language and would like to sample life as an interpreter. It is a low-budget option which provides the basic essentials required for work as an interpreter.The course covers:

  • Interpreter roles and responsibilities
  • Introduction to health service interpreting – the UK’s largest sector for interpreters
  • Acquire medical terminology necessary for health service interpreting
  • Activities to increase skills and build confidence
  • Advice for seeking paid interpreting assignments across the UK

The Interpreter Foundation course is taken online and is a great starting point for those without professional interpreting experience.

To learn more about the Interpreter Foundation course and to get started, click the button below:

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  • Study hours: 20
  • Average time to pass: 2 weeks
  • Price: £75


If you are unsure as to which level is right for you, take our quiz to find out!

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