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“This is the ideal course for someone to start out interpreting or to re-enforce your knowledge. The course certificate helped... Read More
“I have received my qualification a couple of days ago. I can’t thank you and ISL enough for the opportunity... Read More
“I completed the Morphy Richards course and I found it really useful, as it contains a great section with the... Read More
“I thought the course would be dry, perhaps informative enough and “something one had to do”. As it turned out,... Read More
“All ideas have been expressed in a clear and easy language to understand, everything in this course is a bonus... Read More
“I like the detail descriptions of the different types of interpreting and the equipment along with the pictures. DOE Assignments... Read More
“The use of YouTube and the CEO speech followed with questions was interesting and some of the activities gave a... Read More
“It was a very easy step-by-step introduction to using the tool. The interactive structure (clicking in different parts of the... Read More
“The course has been presented in such a way as to help an interpreter to have a clear step by... Read More
“I think the course is designed well in different sections. I like the questions are asked to test and the... Read More
“I thought it was brilliant! I think every major client should have similar training in place which explains clearly the... Read More
“the course was a useful guide to deal with mental and emotional discomfort whilst dealing with different peoples with different... Read More
“It is very infromative on the subject. It has enabled me to understand what my strenghts and weaknesses are as... Read More
“The simplicity of the format to make it easy to understand. The Quizzes and the Notes after each topic made... Read More
““Concise, hands-on approach to interpreting. Flexible hours and reflective learning that fit well into work patterns of a freelance linguist.””
“I liked the approach on tone, the contact with different client texts directed at diverse target audiences and with different objectives, understanding... Read More