Creating an Interpreting CV

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Who is it for?

If you are an interpreter and want o apply for the top assignments, it is worth spending the time to have an impressive CV, or Resume. Your resume is the first chance you get to make a good impression on a potential employer. A top-quality resume will considerably boost your chance of getting more assignments and being able to register with more agencies, so it is worth spending time and effort on the content and presentation.

What jobs will I be able to do?

  • Face to Face Interpreter
  • Telephone interpreter

In this role, you could earn between £10 and £40 per hour

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Course Description


When can I start?

You can start the course today.

How long does it take?

The average length of time taken is 1.5 hours.

Are there any requirements?

You will require is an internet connection and basic computer skills.

What will I learn?

How to create an effective Interpreting CV.



What will I get?

Once you have completed the course you will be able to download a certificate of achievement.