Custom Classroom Qualifications

Along with our standard Accredited Qualifications, ISL offer a custom service that allows you to specify exactly what you want students to learn and how you would like the course to be delivered.

Customised content – we can create customised qualifications for you by combining our existing units or by creating new ones. we can also create brand new qualifications for you to your exact specifications.

Customised delivery –  we can deliver qualifications in a variety of locations, including on site, in our own classrooms, via webinars or online. We can also change the timescales so that you get qualified students when you need them.


The cost and timescales involved in this process vary depending on the size of the project and the amount of tailoring or creation that needs to take place.

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Course Description

Custom Content

With ISL, you can choose which units you would prefer to be made available to your students. In this way you can have one or more courses which meet your requirements precisely and make sure that your sponsors leave with the exact knowledge and skills that you need them to have.

We can even develop new accredited modules specifically for you, working with your subject matter experts to tailor our course content to relate specifically to your needs. If you want us to create a qualification specifically for you and for the linguists that you work with, that’s no problem – we can create, write and register the qualification for you with the assistance of leading Awarding Organisation Training Qualifications UK (TQUK).

Custom Delivery

We will work with you to provide a delivery model tailored to your delivery style and time-scales. Typical options include:

Distance Learning

Our most popular delivery method. All of our qualifications are designed and delivered primarily as a distance learning qualification, combining web based knowledge, information and activities, with qualified Assessors and Language Specialists marking written and spoken assignments, providing feedback and completing Skype practical assessments. This allows for a great degree of freedom, where the students are free to choose where, when and for how long they study.

The average amount of time taken by a student on this option is 9 months and we recommend that students take no longer than 24 months to obtain the qualification.

When a student is self-funding a course, this tends to provide a certain level of motivation to progress through and complete the qualification. However, if you are sponsoring students to take the course, this motivation could be lost. In this situation, it is recommended that you impose certain conditions on their qualification to make sure that you are getting results within a certain time-scale, and to enable you to chase up anyone that is not completing the course as they agreed;

Distance Learning – with Deadlines

The distance learning option with deadlines still allows the student flexibility to study when and where they choose, but rather than leaving the completion time open, there are enforced deadlines throughout the period of the course when students have to hand in their work. In this situation, students start the course at the same time and have to hand in assignments by certain dates, meaning in theory that they can all finish within the time-scale set by your organisation. If deadlines are not met, you are informed about this and if the student continues to miss the deadlines there is the option of a consequence – that the student is removed from the course.

This option also allows you to impose a shorter time-scale on completion – reducing completion time from the standard average to a shorter period.

Webinar Distance Learning

With this option, the students have access to the same web based materials but they also need to attend a regular on-line webinar at the beginning of each module so that the module can be introduced and explained by one of our tutors. The tutor will also use this opportunity to answer and questions that the learners may have.

This option works in a similar way to imposing deadlines in the way that it gives students definite dates when they have to attend events and hand their work in for marking. It provides an additional level of support through the provision of the regular webinars and can have the result of helping students to complete their work more effectively and complete the course more quickly.

The minimum number of students for this option is 10.


The classroom option requires students to physically attend a classroom session every two weeks while they are completing the course meaning that they have regular in-person support and advice while they are studying and additional motivation to complete the work on time.

The classroom option does add additional costs – specifically for the tutor and the classroom space, and might be less convenient for the students as they need to make sure they can attend all of the sessions throughout the course duration. If you have classroom space that can be used regularly then this cost can be reduced. Recommended class size is 10-12 learners.

Intensive Classroom

The intensive classroom option is only worth considering if you have students that can attend for full days, several times per week.

This option is designed to get delegates through the course quickly, as they will work on completing the course materials for full days rather than hourly sessions and they will have access to constant support to help them through the assignments.

Choosing this option can see individuals qualified within weeks, rather than months.

Your Requirement

As mentioned, all of our custom qualifications have one thing in common – they are customised precisely to your requirements. Get in touch to discuss this in more detail.