Custom IELTS Preparation Courses

IELTS is the International English Testing System Рthe leading test of English Proficiency that  measures the level of English in four key areas:

  • reading
  • writing
  • speaking
  • listening

ISL can provide IELTS training for your organisation that is customised to your requirements in a location that works for you.

Read the ‘Course Description’ section below to learn how we can help you.

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Course Description

ISL will work with you to create an IELTS course that is customised to the requirements of your organisation, meaning that all of the content is of value.

This can include:

Candidate Selection

We can help you to determine candidate’s current level of English and decide who you want on the course through:

  • Pre-course IELTS testing
  • determining learning style
  • find out about candidates application and motivation
  • test candidates confidence
  • assessment of strengths and weaknesses

Training Materials

Sessions will be delivered by qualified, experienced, language tutors. Our tutors will work as a team, sharing ideas and working toward a consistent approach across all classes/languages.

Training materials will be developed in line with the standards agreed with you and typically include:

  1. A standardised scheme of work
  2. Individual session and lesson plans for delivery of sessions
  3. A central resource of materials used by all tutors

Delivery Methodology

Throughout the course, and environment permitting, the IELTS¬†training is designed as an immersive experience. In classroom only English is¬†used and this will be taught in the way that we would naturally learn a language ‚Äď that is, to be taught basics of the ‚Äėtarget‚Äô language and then build upon those foundations to create¬†more complex sentences and apply what is being learnt to real life situations.

Outside of the classroom students are encouraged to practice with each other and activities and trips where possible are be planned in English and carried out in the same way. The more students can learn in practical situations the more effective the learning is.


We are happy to provide weekly progress reports on individual student’s progress, with any causes for concern highlighted. Students will also review their own learning plans and self-reflect on their progress and methods of improvement every week.

Quality Assurance:

We have a quality assurance strategy which ensures:

  • A consistently high level of teaching practice.
  • A consistently high level of achievement is obtained by learners on the programme.
  • Issues surrounding learner management are addressed.


Delivery of the course content can take place on your site, in our classrooms across the country or even remotely by webinar. We are happy to discuss a solution that is suitable for you.