Proficiency Testing

One of the challenges of working with individuals who speak different languages is being able to determine the level, or proficiency,  of their language ability.

ISL have extensive experience creating language proficiency testing that are aligned with recognised, existing standards and have produced language tests for clients who include the Ministry of Defence.

ISL’s language proficiency testing is based on the Common European Framework guideline which is recognised across Europe as a method of measuring language ability.

ISL create tests that measure and score candidates in multiple areas:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Understanding

ISL use a combination of online, in-person, and remote methods to test candidates. To find out more, and discover how we can create a language test for you, contact the team;

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Course Description

Case Study: Afghan Interprteters

The Brief

The military client had a strict requirement for all interpreters working in their environment to have their language ability tested. The assessment was required to grade interpreter speaking, reading, writing, listening and interpreting skills to ensure compliance with nationally recognised standards.

The Solution

ISL created a custom language proficiency test to equip interpreters to use and comprehend correct military terminology.

Role play situations and scenarios were integrated with the testing to prepare interpreters for the working environment.

A grading mechanism was implemented by ISL which aligned to the guidelines used by the military.

The Outcome

Tested interpreters were able to deliver a high standard of interpreting services in very extreme conditions.