Interpreting for Nottingham University Hospital

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Interpreting for Nottingham university Hospital is, by definition, interpreting in the public sector. This course will address the generic procedures and protocols of interpreting and explore the specific protocols and terminology for interpreting in the National Health Service.

The course is comprised of two sections:

  1. Public Service Interpreting
  2. Interpreting in the National Health Service

Both sections contain generic support and guidance on how to conduct interpreting assignments which are common to all ISL Introductory Core Skills courses together with specific support, guidance and activities related to the National Health Service.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • State the different types of generic public service interpreting assignments
  • Identify how to prepare for generic Public Service interpreting assignments.
  • Describe an appropriate code of conduct for professional interpreters in the public sector.
  • State the protocols for interpreting in the National Health Service
  • Describe a typical assignment in the National Health Service
  • Compile a specialist glossary for use in assignments in the National Health Service
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