Level 7 Diploma in Translation (DipTrans)

£781.00 inc. VAT

The DipTrans is a nationally recognised qualification that is accepted and requested nationwide by Translation clients and Language Service providers. Translators with this qualification provide a consistent high standard of Translation for commercial purposes and as a linguist you will be eligible for translation jobs in industries that will include:

  • Automotive, banking and finance, business, government, hospitality, legal services, life sciences, literature, manufacturing,¬†public services, retail,¬†science, social science, sports and entertainment and technology

How much does it Cost?

The exam consists of 3 units. You can purchase one or more separately or all 3 at a discounted rate. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Unit 01 £415.00
Unit 02 £308.00
Unit 03 £308.00
Full registration free £781.00

Registration and Certification Fees

The total price also includes a £150.00 registration and certification fee.

If you have any questions, or you would like to a mock exam, please contact the ISL team  on 0800 757 3475 or email info@islinguists.com

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Course Description

What are the benefits?

The benefits of the qualification include:

  • Nationally recognised qualification, regulated and accredited by Ofqual
  • Recognised and accepted by the¬†Translation industry
  • Access to the¬†most sought after translation assignments
  • Use the title ‘DipTrans’ after your name
  • Professional membership with the International School of Linguists
  • Exemptions for part DipTrans qualifications

When can I start?

We offer the DipTrans every month of the year, so you will not need to wait long for your exam. We recommend taking a preparation course prior to attempting the exam.

How long does it take?

The total exam time is 7 hours. made up of:

Unit 01 Written Translation of a General Text 180mins
Unit 02 Written Translation of a Semi-specialised Text in a Technology, Business or Literature context 120mins
Unit 03 Written Translation of a Semi-specialised Text in a Science, Social Science or Law context 120mins

Are there any requirements?

To successfully join this qualification, you need to have ‘native’ speaker competence in English and in your ‘other’ language. (NOTE: This will be tested as part of the examination, you do not need to have an English¬†qualification¬†to apply.)

What do i need to be able to complete this qualification?

  • Access to the internet
  • A Skype account
  • Access to a desktop computer or laptop.
  • A webcam
  • A microphone/sound card for the computer, if it isn’t already installed

How many credits is the qualification worth?

A total of 48 credits is awarded when you pass the qualification.

What topics will be tested?

You will be tested on a variety of topics on the exam specialisms depending on your choices.

How will you assess me?

The Level 7 DipTrans is a written examination that will include:

  • Written Translation of a General Text
  • Written Translation of a Semi-specialised Text in a Technology, Business or Literature context
  • Written Translation of a Semi-specialised Text in a Science, Social Science or Law context

How do I apply? You can get started with your qualification today by clicking the ‘Get Started Now’ button above.

Is this a nationally recognised qualification? Yes, the Level 7 DipTrans course is accredited by I Can Qualify and registered on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) with Ofqual.

What is the registration process? At ISL, we want to be confident that everyone who is accepted onto our qualification has the right skill, knowledge and ability to be able to successfully complete the learning experience. Once you have reserved your place, we will contact you to discuss your qualification, preparation and the date of your exam.


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