ISL_Brand_ImageISL provides services for Linguists, Language Service Providers (LSPs) and buyers of language services.

Linguists bridge the communication gap between different languages and cultures. Through both tailored and generic tests and courses, ISL ensures that Linguists are equipped to deliver a high standard of service as well as supporting them in their professional development.

Language Buyers
A language buyer is any individual or organisation that utilises Linguist services. ISL create tailored courses to reflect the specific needs of a language buyer, whether it is to understand the culture, organisation, brand, industry or niche that they work in. Testing ensures that Linguists are at the level of quality required by the language buyer.

Language Service Providers
Language Service Providers (LSPs) provide a wide variety of solutions to meet the needs of language buyers. LSPs call upon a network of freelance Linguists to provide translation or interpreting services using the LSP’s language technology and processes. ISL creates tailored courses and tests that help to increase the overall quality of Linguists, ensuring that the quality needs of the LSP and their clients are met.