Student Success Stories

Here is a selection of success stories of some of our former students who undertook our various interpreting qualifications.

– Ahmed, Portsmouth, Interpreter.

Qualification/Course: Level 3 Certificate in Community Interpreting

I enjoyed the qualification and feel more confident now when I undertake an interpreting assignment. My initial perception of the qualification was that it will be difficult and complicated because you have to study on your own, but the course was very straight forward and self-explanatory, the layout of the course is very professional as it gives you information to help you complete the assignment easily, and having an assessor is a great help and a big support. I would like to advise anyone who is thinking of building a career in interpreting to enrol with ISL, the courses are designed to give you the best knowledge to become a professional interpreter, you study in your own time and there is always a support when you need it.

– Eliza, Northampton, Interpreter.

Qualification/Course: Interpreter Foundation Course

I enjoyed this course and found it simple to work through. I found this course easy, clear and had quick and professional help to cope with any issues. I used the information and the course certificate to find additional work opportunities with bigger interpreting agencies. This is the ideal course for someone to start out interpreting or to re-enforce their knowledge.

– Alan, Doncaster, Interpreter.

Qualification/Course: Level 3 Certificate in Community Interpreting

I enjoyed completing this qualification because I had the opportunity to share my work and experiences in the assignments. Initially, I though the course was going to be really easy to do however you are required to do a lot of research and study, so it was quite challenging. I am so proud to have gained this qualification and it has really boosted my confidence as a community interpreter. I would love to further my eduction in interpreting with the International School of Linguists. The support received from the staff was professional and non-stop regardless of time.

– David, Leeds, Interpreter.

Qualification/Course: Level 3 Certificate in Community Interpreting

This qualification was one of the more pleasant studies/work experiences I have had yet. General attitude of ISL staff were very good and my assessor was very accepting and great to work with. There are no strict deadlines and I could work on assignments only when I decide that it fits my time, this was extremely practical. I feel more confident in my everyday job now.

– Magdalena, London, Interpreter.

Qualification/Course: Level 3 Certificate in Community Interpreting

I loved this qualification and the fact that I could complete it from home, working at my own pace and with support of a tutor speaking both English and my language what is not always possible when you attend classes. This qualification was as good as expected if not better. While searching for a distance learning course provider, it was difficult to find reviews of the courses offered by ISL so I was unsure what quality of learning may I expect. Very soon I realised that all the learning materials were well-designed and the support from tutor was extremely helpful. I got more confidence in my skills as an interpreter because I know the achieved certificate would prove my ability to complete the job to the high standard. As a result I started approaching local charities and organisations and was offered a lot of interesting assignments. I started my own business, offering education and language services and got accepted on a Level 6 DPSI course.

– Vita, Nottinghamshire, Interpreter.

Qualification/Course: Level 3 Certificate in Community Interpreting

I enjoyed this qualification as it was a new experience for me. The distance learning approach gives more interdependency and I loved conducting research and taking part in practical role play tests. This qualification will allow me to meet more people in the interpreting sector and undertake more assignments.