Testing and evaluating

ISL provides any combination of training and testing to suit client, partner and linguist requirements:

  • Training
  • Training with combined tests
  • Testing

ISL can design a multitude of tests to suit requirement. These may be:

  • Comprehension testing to ascertain absorption of learning material
  • Level testing to ascertain language standards, in line with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and including:
      • Oral assessment
      • Writing assessment
      • Listening assessment
      • Reading assessment

Quite often the best solution for ISL’s clients is an integrated test of all four skills, which is more realistic for how people use language in a business environment

  • To get a formal university accreditation, tests have to be undertaken in conjunction with an accredited course

ISL’s clients and partners have requested testing for the following reasons:

  • To use as part of an interview process to determine suitability for roles. This could be a requirement of:
      • Multilingual call centres
      • Airlines
      • Government services
      • To ensure linguists are familiar with industry-specific terminology
      • As part of their commitment to Quality Assurance

As with the training approach, ISL works with Subject Matter Experts to design and develop the test that best meets objectives. ISL uses its online platform to the full, including integrated audiovisual clips, to ensure that all four language skills are tested. Although ISL has a network of language specialists to draw on for evaluation purposes, grading is automated where possible to ensure consistency and create efficiencies.