thebigword agency solution




The purpose of this document is to outline the process and system change to the way in which you will be working with thebigword to manage your assignments within our new translation management system.

In this document you will come across the following terms:

  • Agency Lead: the project manager who will be coordinating the work
  • Agency User/Team Member: linguists who will be invited to use the system by the Agency Lead and assigned tasks to complete


Overview of the new solution will cover how you be able to use the system to set it up for your resources (Agency Leads/Users) whilst preserving the anonymity of your contacts and members. This solution will enable you to assign tasks to the Agency Lead via thebigword tms and these tasks can be split, assigned, translated, reviewed and delivered within thebigword tms using thebigword’s own CAT tool (Highly Secure Translation Editor).

Overview of new solution

Internal TMS process for Agency Set-up

Add “Network Lead” role to Agency Lead user

This is done using the “Edit User” feature.  The new “Network Lead” role is selected and saved for the Agency Lead.

Create Team for Agency Lead

Agencies are stored in TMS as Teams and managed via TMS Administration.

An “Agencies” Team Group will be created, under which all Agency Teams are added e.g. as below:


As the Agency Lead invites their team members these will appear as users in the Agency Team.

TMS Admins will be able to view the users within each Agency Team but only the “anonymised” details input by the Agency Lead.

Agency Lead – Team Management

The Team Management View is accessed from a tab on the Linguist Site as below.

It shows agency team members, pending invitations together with the “Invite User” action.


Invite User (Agency Team Member) to TMS

The “Invite User” action prompts for an email address and also enables selection of team when the Agency Lead is managing multiple teams.

A valid email address must be entered, this will generally be an anonymous email address created by the Agency Lead so that the genuine team member email account is not visible within TMS.

Having a valid email address in TMS is required to ensure security and also enables the user to receive alerts related to the TMS tasks s/he is working on.


The email address cannot be already associated with an existing user or a pending invitation.




An invitation email is sent with a link from which the sign-up process can be completed as shown in the following section.

TMS User Sign-up for Agency Team Member

The invited user receives an email with a link which prompts for a new account password.


The final stage is to enter profile data as below. As with the email address, there is no requirement to enter a genuine name but it’s recommended to enter the Agency name in either first or last name for ease of identification.


Agency Team Lead – Pending Team Invitations

These are shown on the Team Management view as below.

When the Profile update is completed by the invited user, the user moves from “Invited” to “Team Member”.


Agency Team Lead – Team Members

The Team Members list will also enable the Agency Lead to manage team members.

De-activate Agency User

The Agency Lead has the option to de-activate a user in their team.  This will remove them from the Agency Team list and block their access to TMS Linguist Tasks but they will still be shown as the assigned user for completed tasks.


Agency Lead – Offers and Acceptance

Accepting an Offer creates Tasks in the Agency Lead “Unassigned Tasks” view.

Agency Lead – Task Management

Agency Lead – Unassigned Tasks View

This view is specific to Agency Lead users and shows all accepted task tasks which have not yet been assigned to an Agency User.


Action – Open Instructions

This enables the PM instructions to be viewed and comments added.

Action – Assign

This enables the Agency Lead to assign the Task to an Agency User (to him/herself).

The assignment enables the Agency Lead to set a Task Due Date/Time which must be earlier or equal to the overall Task due.


Action – Pick Up

This enables the Agency Lead to assign the Task directly to him/herself.

Action – Split File

This enables a file to be split into a number of sub-files based on the word-count required per file.

This creates a new Task for each split file which then appears on the Unassigned Tasks view ready for assignment.

The split is extended up to the end of the next XLIFF Translation Unit once the word count limit is reached so that paragraph text is kept together retained rather than split by sentence.


Agency Lead – Work In Progress Tasks View

Agency Lead has a new Work In Progress  (WIP) Tasks view to manage Tasks assigned to their team.

The layout is very similar to the Unassigned Tasks view shown above and the following actions are available.

Action – Assign / Pick-up

These are available for each incomplete sub-task and work as described on the Unassinged Tasks view.

Action – Merge Files

When all sub-tasks are complete they can be merged back to the parent task.

Action – Split File

When split files are merged back to the Parent, the task can then be split again for further assignment and processing by the team.

Action – Review and Complete

When split files are merged back to the Parent, the complete task can be opened for final review and completion by the Agency Lead.


Agency User – Login and Complete Tasks

Agency User – Login

Agency users login using the email and password entered at sign-up.

Agency User – Reset Password

Use standard, email-based password reset.

Agency User – Current Tasks View

Both see the standard current tasks view with their assigned tasks.  No job costs will be shown.

Agency User – Translate, Proofread and Review

The first phase of development will provide access to only a single CAT Editor depending on the original Task assigned via TMS.

For Translation, this will be HSTE so the only the HSTE “Open Editor” links will be visible on Agency User’s Current Tasks view as below.


For Proofreading, the “Open (web) Review Tool” link will be displayed.


A future enhancement will enable the Agency Lead to select which CAT tool is to be used for each Task, subject to any restrictions imposed within TMS to make the use of HSTE mandatory for specific client projects.


Agency User – Completed Tasks View

No e-invoice option is shown on Completed tasks view for Agency Users.


Process Flow