Training courses

ISL are committed to producing high quality, high value training courses which aim to deliver the right information at the right price in a format that has the learner at its heart and is focussed on delivering the right results.

Working with a wide variety of Subject Matter Experts, we combine their expertise with our knowledge in how people learn best, to create courses which will produce measurable improvements in the learner, opening doors for them to absorb the knowledge and skills they need in order to grow professionally and prosper in their chosen areas.

Wherever possible, the courses ISL produce blend activity, theory, practice and reflection to increase enjoyment and relate the principles to actual situations, so that the transition from course to practical application is as smooth as possible.

The majority of our courses are hosted online in our Learning Portal, meaning that they are accessible anywhere in the world, at the time which suits our learners.

ISL courses offer accreditation, testing and Continuous Professional Development. Whether you need a tailor-made,or a more general course, ISL will be the right fit for you.