What we do

Tailored solutions
ISL use their team of Learning and Development Specialists to deliver tailored solutions to our partners and clients.  This includes creating specialised training and testing solutions targeting the specific areas which are important to you.

Request a tailored course

Online training courses
As well as tailored solutions, ISL offer more general courses for those of differing levels and abilities to take their first steps into a linguist occupation, move in a new direction or learn more about a particular subject.  By offering affordable online courses, regardless of time or location, ISL provide the tools to move linguists from good to great.

Online testing
Whether you want to check your knowledge, add to your CV or qualify to work in a particular area, ISL’s range of online testing will help you to get there.  We will continuously add a wide variety of online tests to our Learning Portal to make sure that you have all of the opportunities that you need to prove yourself.

Work opportunities
ISL’s partners often have a large number of work opportunities available for linguists who attain a certain level or who have undertaken a particular training course.  ISL’s Learning Portal will host such training and testing and help to open doors for you in your career.

Blended solutions
Although ISL always strive to make as much learning available online, sometimes you can only achieve the best results through other media.  We aim to provide the very best solution possible in all situations and sometimes that means we use a blend of online, in house and on the job elements within our courses.