Who we are

The International School of Linguists (ISL) is a global training and testing company created with the intention of keeping the linguist’s best interest in mind every step of the way, supporting linguists in attaining the skills and knowledge needed to pursue their careers.

The three pillars of ISL represent what we aim to deliver – to help linguists, language companies, or companies with language requirements, to learn, to test and to prosper.  These pillars are at the heart of everything that we do.

Keeping the linguist at the heart of what we do means that courses can be requested by linguists, government departments, businesses, charities and others organisations. These courses are then created by our Specialists and made accessible to the world of linguists in an instant.

At ISL, we collaborate with academic partners, industry leaders and experts in order to create top quality courses. ISL seeks to foster continuous improvement in the language industry as a whole. Therefore courses may be aimed at linguists, partners, or end-users of language services – all with a view to create a better quality service for language users and professional linguists.